K. Wah Centre, a premium office, developed mainly by K. Wah Group, consists of a 45 storey office tower and two commercial blocks. The main building is 162 metres in height and providing over 63,000 square metres of international office space, which is the best choice for today’s global financial and trading companies. The two commercial blocks provide consummate commercial facilities with over 7,700 square metres in total.

There is a elephant shape sculpture standing in front of the office building and 5 large oil paintings on canvas on the wall of the ground lobby. They were tailor made by the French Artist Richard Texier during the “Sino-France Culture Year when K. Wah Centre was completed. The Prime Minister of France attended and hosted the unveil ceremony.

The 5 oil paintings were exhibited in Shanghai Art Museum in 2005.

Today he is widely regarded as one of the living artists of his generation. Since 1992 he has created a number of sculpted works, most notably his bronze mythological animals which have contributed to his interpretation of the concept of hybridisation. His works are to be found in numerous important public and private collections, both in France and abroad, and collected by many celebrities.